Of the many issues treated by hypnotherapy, two of the most pressing ones are the desire for weight loss and the desire to stop smoking. These CD's provide the user with subliminal guidance and programming to break free from these self-defeating habits. Say good bye forever to the addiction to cigarette smoking. Lose all the weight you want and keep it off for the rest of your life. By merely listening to the hypnotic suggestions in the privacy of your own home and following the simple directions, you are certain to be successful. Many have used these CD's and are thrilled with the results they have achieved.
For those who've been struggling to quit smoking, you've come to the end of that long, hard road. Success awaits you in this CD. "YES! You CAN Quit!". Lose all the desire to smoke NOW. Conquer your addiction to smoking forever. Learn the tools to calm, soothe and comfort yourself without smoking. By changing your programming, you'll not only come to see yourself as a non-smoker, you'll feel like one. The desire to smoke will be banished under any circumstances to which you're exposed. Yes you CAN Quit Smoking! With this compelling CD you will become liberated from the unhealthy, expensive, socially stigmatizing compulsion to smoke. Let your mind take you there.
When it comes to weight loss, there are many components that cause one to over-eat. In this CD, "LOSE WEIGHT NOW AND KEEP IT OFF FOREVER!", all are addressed. One is provided with all the tools necessary to rid yourself of cravings and eating for emotional reasons (fear, anxiety, loneliness, sadness,boredom and yes, even joy). The addiction to sweets and carbs gets eradicated and the ability to make healthy food choices is substituted. A whole mind-set gets changed where food is no longer in control but is replaced with a program to think about food the way a naturally slim person does.
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