Comedy Hypnotist

Marsha Starr has been delighting, enthralling and mesmerizing audiences of all ages all over California to as far away as New York where she was featured on BROADWAY. She has been on FOX5, and has performed at The Comedy Store as well. Marsha does over 120 shows a year, yet no two are alike because she customizes each performance to meet the preferences of the individual audience. As a result she enjoys a 98% re-booking rate.

As one of an infinitesimally small number of professional female comedy hypnotists in the world, Marsha magically captivates and regales her audiences as she escorts the volunteer performers into believing they are famous celebrities, trailer park residents competing for a spot on a reality TV show, have just won the lottery, have lost their favorite body part, or are aliens visiting earth who only speak Martian, etc etc.

Marsha's shows are unique in that for no extra charge her shows always feature the services of a professional sound technician as opposed to a boom box for music. This allows for far more spontaneity which increases the hilarity factor a hundred fold.

Trained in Las Vegas by the distinguished comedy hypnosis headliner at Planet Hollywood , she brings her expertise to the stage in a show that's defined as a fast-paced, action-packed roller coaster ride of hilarity. Since this is the show where the audience members are the stars, the wild applause throughout accompanied by the audiences' unbridled, non-stop laughter define a typical show. Marsha ignites a frenzy of hypnotic comedy mayhem as the performers toss inhibitions out the window. You'll be laughing so hard you'll have to catch your breath!

Fasten your seatbelt for the time of your life, for the show that gifts you with an exciting and cherished memory that will last a life time. If you'd like to be mailed some promotional material which includes a DVD of recent show clips, just notify Marsha to have that sent to you. These shows are perfect for corporate events, holiday celebrations, high-school and college functions, charity fund-raisers, entertaining the troops, as well as private parties, as they are suitable for all age groups.

No so coincidentally, Marsha Starr, The Hypno Diva, is also the mother of the Hawaiian Island renowned, Maui based comedy hypnotist Joshua Blue. If interested you can have this duo perform at your event since they have a uniquely exciting show featuring them both, the only mother and son comedy hypnotists in the entire world.

Marsha Starr brings you top notch professionalism paired with over-the-top, laugh-a-minute, first class comedy hypnosis. You can see the show or BE the show! Book Today!